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The Buck Stops Here

Mike Williams poses with his buck aboard the M/V Melody Jean. Photo by Roger Maynard.

Unlike a couple of politicians who have been in the national news recently, Alaskans know where and how to stop a buck.

Mike Williams & crew harvested this huge buck over the weekend from the Carroll Inlet area, just a few miles from Ketchikan.

Although summer-like weather foiled hunters earlier in the month, the recent rains followed by cool, clear weather has been a welcome change for hunters.

2 comments to The Buck Stops Here

  • Hello Roger,

    Nice to see you are back from Haines. Hopefully you still have Camai…
    We are aboard Deva at Brisbane Australia with plans to sail North and West in April…but we will be back in Ketchikan for work in May…

    is there a way to pay dues to KYC by paypal or direct debit from our Firstbank account?

    good sailing,

    Mike and Debby on DEVA

    • Hi Mike and Debby,

      Sorry for the late reply–we’ve been doing the “snowbird” thing in the southwest U.S. this winter, and only recently arrived back in Ketchikan. Our treasurer, Scott, informs me that he has received your dues and will be sending your membership card, if he hasn’t already.

      We look forward to hearing about your travels (We heard your trip south was a bit rough.) In fact, if you want to submit an article for the KYC blog, or have a link to your own cruising page, we can do that.

      We look forward to seeing you when you’re in Ketchikan.

      Roger Maynard
      S/V Camai

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