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Hamburger Night

Friday Night Hamburgers

FEASTFriday Hamburger Nights, a KYC tradition, begin this weekend with this week’s host, Laura Murph.  Yacht Club members and guests are invited to come to the clubhouse after work on Friday to grill their own burgers and feast on other potluck dishes, snacks and drinks.  The KYC supplies burgers with all of the fixin’s, and a small donation is requested to cover expenses.

Burger night was started about 12 years ago to encourage KYC members to have a quick dinner before hitting the water for the weekend.  It quickly evolved into the popular Friday evening social event that we enjoy today.  Whether your goal is to have a quick dinner and head out on the water, or spend all evening visiting on the dock, come on by for a good time.

Each week’s event is hosted by a different volunteer KYC member.  If you have volunteered and need to refresh your memory just check the calendar in the clubhouse.  At present, the volunteers who signed up are:

  • June 7: Laura Murph
  • June 14, Mike and Jack
  • June 21, Schulz
  • June 28, Cegelske
  • July 5, McQuerry
  • July 12, Roth & Bennett
  • July 19, Williams
  • July 26, Arteagas
  • August 2, (Need volunteer)
  • August 9, (Need volunteer)
  • August 16, (Need volunteer)
  • August 23, Jirschele
  • August 30, (Need volunteer)

If any members want to volunteer for the weeks that are unfilled, just contact Judith Anglin or Laura Murph, or simply sign up on the calendar in the KYC Clubhouse.

For those wondering what is involved, here is a copy of the instructions to volunteers:



  1. By Thursday, it’s a good idea to stop by the club house and see what supplies are left over from last week’s BBQ.  Check that there is propane for the grill.  Call Marvin or talk to John if there is no propane.
  2. Supplies include: 2 heads of lettuce, 2 onions, 25 hamburger buns, 25 hamburgers, 6 chicken breast, 1 lb. sliced cheddar cheese, 1 jar pickles, Ketchup, mustard, mayo, 3 tomatoes.  On hand should be a supply of chips (under serving table), paper plates and napkins (on top of refrigerator).
  3. Place the supply order with Tatsuda’s Grocery by Thursday night for delivery on Friday aboout noon (order forms are on top of the microwave; the order can be telephoned in to 225-4125 or faxed to 225-1568).
  4. Friday evening, 4 pm if your can make it, put our some hamburgers to thaw. (They come frozen.)
  5. Put out the chips so the early birds have something to snack on.
  6. Tear up the lettuce, slice the tomatoes, slice one of the onions, put out the pickles and other condiments.
  7. Slice and saute the other onion.  Saute mushrooms if you have ordered them.
  8. At 5:00 pm, fire up the grill.
  9. People should BYOB so you only need to make sure there are cups and glasses available.
  10. Greet people and have fun.
  11. At 7:30 pm turn off the grill and prepare to clean the grill.  The grill cleaning supplies are in the kitchen.  Most people like to make a bucket (located next to the grill on the front porch) of hot soapy cleaning water and put the removable parts of the grill into the cleaning bath while they are still quite warm.
  12. Remove and replace all the parts covered with aluminum foil.  Grease, left on the grill and porch are otter attractants.
  13. Rinse off the clean grill parts and put the grill back together ready for next Friday’s barbecue.


If you cannot make it, or are missing something, please call:

  • Judith @ 247-2624

  • Marvin @ 225-9015


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