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Fishing & Hunting

First Fishing Trip was Eventful…
by Bill Tatsuda

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda

Tonight was the first fishing trip of the year on my boat.

Wayne Jackson and I left the dock around 5pm and ran out to Mountain Point. We started fishing close to the Mountain Point light. Around 6pm half way between Mountain point and Hole In The Wall we watched a Lund Skiff playing a fish. They were having to use a gaff hook to land the fish.

As we passed them we heard a splashing sound and looked behind my boat where we saw a king salmon swimming sideways across our stern on the surface. We realized that he was on our line, so we stopped the boat and pulled in about a 22 lb king salmon. We are both half deaf so we did not here the clicker on the reel going off. It is a good thing my release clips are good at setting the hooks into the fish.

Around 7pm we caught another king around 16 lbs. I think we might have heard the reel going on that fish. 

We fished to Herring Cove where a big humpback whale was feeding on herring by Hole in the Wall Harbor. It seemed like it was following our boat and kept surfacing and feeding close to our boat for about half an hour. It swam close alongside the boat all the way past Whitman Creek. We saw herring jumping out of the water in front of it before it surfaced with its mouth wide open several times. It was the closest and longest lasting encounter with a humpback whale that I have ever had.

Later we heard a shouting match between a guy on a tramp sailboat and a power troller. The Sailor was saying that he could not keep his boat from crossing the power troller’s bow. The troller was yelling at him to turn away. We were not sure what was going on, but they were able to avoid a collision.

Later, we noticed that the sailboat had grounded toward the Herring Cove bridge. It was high tide and the tide had started going out. The US Coast Guard came out in their small orange speedboat, we could hear them shouting at the sailboat through a loud speaker. Later an orange work boat appeared and tried pulling the sailboat free. It did not look like they were having much success. The sailboat was hard aground and leaning over to one side. We heard the Coast Guard boat shouting instructions in an urgent manner.

It was getting dark, and we had had enough entertainment for the night, so we pulled our gear and ran back to town.


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