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KYC Sailing Update

Hello All, Great sailing weather.. we are off to a slow but Great start.

This week we will try to set and actual starting line. Charley Starr has accepted the challenge of setting the pennant. A Red and White float with a streamer anchored towards shore no more than 100 feet from the WR-6 starting buoy.

So, some points.. be on time.. the challenge is that the start time on the first event is at 18:00 and the flying sail boats start at 18:10 GPS Time. For those that score… it is elapse time from your assigned GPS Start.

The second event if you wish to proceed is the next even 5 minute on the GPS Clock…It is a 5 minute count from the 5 min increment. Collect the elapse time in hr, min, sec. In a nice breeze the courses are taking
30 to 45 minutes. That means we can reasonable go around twice in an evening and be heading in by 8 or 8:15.

Monitor and call on VHF on Channel 69. Sail Fleet Captain will not answer during the event unless there is an emergency for assistance. As a courtesy if you don’t want to do the second.. call in and state so.
Some do and some don’t.. It takes two boats to make a race.

Remember: The KYC Potluck…. With emphasis on Pot Luck. Means bring something and and don’t complain about the food. Talk to your crew.. this is a fun and volunteer event.

We need to be considerate here.

Thank you all for your participation, for without it.. in an organized fashion.. this would not work.

Welcome this week to Bruce King in the “Sarah” a Soling one design and Lou Bartos in Scoundrel a J-24.

In the future weeks we are hoping to see the Sedna ,Kingfisher, Ossie and Sweet Charlotte. Questions, and comments always, let me know how to improve the program.

Sail Fleet Captn.

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