Moorage Policies

Port Captain: Jack Hovden, 907-617-2039

From KYC Bylaws:


1. MOORAGE. Moorage is a privilege of Ketchikan Yacht Club.

2. WAIT LIST. Register with the Port Captain, or Secretary.

3. ALLOCATIONS. The Wait List shall govern stall allocations. All allocations, stall swaps, or transient rentals shall be authorized and assigned by the Port Captain.

4. DUES. All members with stalls shall remain current on club dues.

5. MOORAGE AGREEMENT. All members with assigned moorage shall complete a moorage agreement as attached to the by-laws and update that agreement as changes occur.

6. MOORAGE FEES. Moorage fees are due on the date set by the City of Ketchikan or the designated authority for Ports and Harbors. A statement will be mailed. If fees are not paid within 30 days, they are considered delinquent and are subject to a 10% late charge. Moorage not paid in 60 days will result in the loss of the stall and its reassignment to another member. Exceptions to this must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

7. BURGEE. Moorage includes a burgee, which will be flown from all Ketchikan Yacht Club vessels while in port between April 15 and September 15.

8. BOAT SIZE. Minimum 24 foot LOA, as measured according to Ports and Harbors 14.40.020. Maximum length approximately 45 foot LOA, with Port Captain approval.

9. CONDITION OF BOAT. All boats must be kept clean and acceptable and maintained for active use. This is a Yacht Club and is not to be used for dead storage.

10. CLUB PARTICIPATION. All members with a slip at Ketchikan Yacht Club must participate in the affairs of the club and be residents of the Ketchikan Gateway Borough. Lack of participation in the club may result in the loss of a stall. Exception must be approved by the Board of Trustees.

11. LIVE-ABOARDS. All live-a-boards must have prior approval by the Board of Trustees.

12. PETS. Pets may be allowed to live on Ketchikan Yacht Club premises with advance Trustee approval subject to the following conditions: Pets shall not be left unattended on deck or on the floats. All dogs shall be on a leash while on floats. Members with pets are responsible for waste clean up on floats. Pets shall be kept quiet. Pets are to be kept on boat, or in transit unless outside with member. Member will be notified of first complaint; the second may result in disallowing the pet on Ketchikan Yacht Club property.

13. VACATING STALL OR SALE OF BOAT. When a member is leaving temporarily short term, the boat must be signed out on the plaque at the slip. When leaving long term, the member must also notify the Port Captain of plans and approximate return date. Upon sale, the boat must be moved immediately and Port Captain notified.

14. RIGHTS TO STALL. The sale of a boat does not forfeit the member’s right to the stall, but if a member’s new boat does not conform to the presently assigned moorage, that slip will be relinquished and the member will await availability of a suitable slip on the transfer list.

15. COMMERCIAL OPERATIONS. Members engaging in commercial operations shall not use the clubhouse or the facilities of the club for purposes of loading or unloading either passengers or freight without the approval of the Trustees. Violation could result in loss of moorage. Member will be notified of first complaint; the second complaint may result in disallowing the commercial operation on Ketchikan Yacht Club property.

16. FLOATS. Members shall keep premises in neat, clean, and orderly fashion, free from flammable or hazardous substances, and shall not create a nuisance. After repairs and alterations to vessels, docks shall be cleared by the end of the day. Any alterations to the dock should be pre-approved by the Port Captain. Boats should be moored in such a way as to ensure walkways are clear and unobstructed from such things as anchors, dinghies, and bowsprits.

17. AUXILIARY EQUIPMENT. Members are asked to be courteous running engines, generators, or other loud equipment, especially early mornings or after dark.

18. ELECTRICITY. Members vacating slips for a short term shall leave the power at the slip available for visitor use.

19. ONE STALL. Only one (1) stall per member, individually, or as part-owner of another boat. The spouse of a stall holder may not be assigned another stall.

20. OWNERSHIP INTEREST. Member assigned to a stall must own the vessel. Owner is defined as follows:
a) Sole owner of vessel in individual capacity.
b) Holder of at least 50% of interest in partnership, joint venture or other combination of persons, other than a corporation, which own the vessel. All other owners shall be members of Ketchikan Yacht Club in good standing.

NOTE: Any moorage holder, as of the by-laws revision 12/93, who does not meet the above definition of an owner, shall nevertheless retain the present moorage so long as the current ownership arrangement does not change. When the current arrangement does change, the use of the slip shall terminate unless the moorage holder meets the new qualifications as defined above.

21. PROOF OF OWNERSHIP. All moorage holders shall prove to the Ketchikan Yacht Club, upon request, the ownership interests of the vessel occupying the assigned slip.

22. DEATH OF MOORAGE HOLDER. Should the member assigned to moorage die, the vessel shall be removed within 90 days, provided that the member’s surviving spouse, if a Spousal Member of Ketchikan Yacht Club, can take over the stall as long as that spouse then meets all the rules and requirements of ownership. A spouse that is not a member may petition the Board of Trustees for an extension as long as the boat is actively and aggressively for sale.

23. RELATIVES OR PART OWNERSHIP. Any minor partner or family member interested in full ownership of the boat and desirous of retaining the slip shall still be required to work up the wait list like all members. They should register on the wait list as soon as possible.

24. SKIFF FLOAT. Any member with assigned moorage at Ketchikan Yacht Club may be assigned space by the Port Captain on the skiff float, as it becomes available. If the skiff float is not full, space may be assigned to any member, as the Port Captain deems appropriate. Spaces will be labeled and an assignment list will be posted in the Yacht Club.

25. VISITING YACHTS. Guests from reciprocal yacht clubs shall receive mooring privileges according to the Rules and Registration Form or at the discretion of the Port Captain.

26. MEMBERS’ RIGHTS. All boats are private property and except for emergencies should not be boarded without the member’s permission.

27. CLUB’S RIGHTS. Ketchikan Yacht Club reserves the right to rearrange or terminate the moorage of any member when the slip is being used in a way not consistent with the spirit and intent of these rules or the general purposes of the club.

28. CONSENT TO MOVE VESSEL. Consent to move or re-moor to prevent casualty, potential hazard, or other emergency, or to have boat impounded due to unpaid fees or other violation is hereby granted Ketchikan Yacht Club by member.

29. INDEMNIFICATION FOR MOVING OR SECURING VESSEL. Member will hold Ketchikan Yacht Club, City of Ketchikan, or an independent contractor harmless for loss of damage to vessel or equipment while moored at the facilities or during impound.

30. PUMPING AND REPAIRS. Ketchikan Yacht Club is not responsible for pumping, repairing, or for any loss to members’ boats. All boats are moored at owner’s risk.

31. APPEALS PROCESS. Members objecting to official decisions made may present a written appeal to the Board of Trustees who will then decide on a course of action.


Adopted: 11/17/94
Amended 01/2009

Developed by: KYC Moorage Committee
Adopted by: KYC Board of Trustees

1. KYC will maintain two moorage assignment lists:
a. “New Applicants List:” for Members seeking moorage at the Club float; and
b. “Transfer List:” for Members currently moored at the Club float who wish to transfer to a different stall.

2. Each list (of the Member’s name and date of his or her request) will be maintained in chronological order based
upon the date the member submits a request for moorage or transfer.

3. Members on the lists must be “participating” Club members.

4. The Port Captain will assign each newly vacant stall based upon the following priorities:
a. The first priority is to accommodate the Members on the “Transfer List” as long as doing so will not prevent
accommodating the member with top priority on the “New Applicants List”
b. The second priority is to assign a suitable stall to the Member on the “New Applicants List” with the earliest application date.
c. The Club shall pay the costs of moving any Member who transfers as a courtesy to accommodate a New Applicant.
d. A Member who is on the Transfer List and moves to a preferred stall shall pay their own moving costs

5. Electricity shall be left on and will revert to KYC between permanent stall holders.

6. Members with moorage who desire to cruise for an extended period of time may retain their stall for a
pre-determined and definite period of at least 1 year and not to exceed 2 years. Member will pay ½
the regular moorage fee if the stall is rented during that period. At the end of that period the member
will receive their stall back and resume paying regular moorage.

7. Boats will only be assigned to stalls of the proper size. The north or short side will accommodate boats from 26
feet up to 39 feet in length. The south or long side will accommodate boats from 36 feet up to 45 feet in length.
The slips directly behind and next to the clubhouse will accommodate boats from 24 feet up to 28 feet. Boats
will be measured according to Ports and Harbors 14.40.020.

8. A member selling his/her boat will be allowed to pay moorage to keep the stall up to one year before
having to relinquish the slip so long as the new boat fits into the present slip properly.

9. A moorage refund shall be granted on a prorated basis contingent on having a boat on the Wait or
Transfer Lists that will fit the slip being vacated.

10. The lists will be maintained by the Port Captain or Secretary and posted on the bulletin board.