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Sailing |

Sailing Thursday


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Due to inclement weather (driving rain and no wind,) this evening’s sailing event has been cancelled.

Instead, there will be a sailor’s meeting and potluck at the KYC Clubhouse starting at 6:00 p.m … See you there!



Thursday Sailing Results

Thursday evening sailing results: May 15, 2014

Race #1:

BoatName PHRFRating CorrectionFactor ElapsedMinutes CorrectedTime Camai 222 0.841969 50:14:00 1.762288 Serenity 132 0.953079 46:00:00 1.826735 Spirit 162 0.912921 49:00:00 1.863881 Sedna 216 0.848564 64:45:00 2.289355

Race #2:

BoatName PHRFRating CorrectionFactor ElapsedMinutes CorrectedTime Spirit 162 0.912921 46:00:00 1.749766 Camai 222 0.841969 57:40:00 2.023064

The numbers above are […]

Sailing |

Thursday Regatta Results

Adelaide takes the helm of SV Camai during a race

Perfect sailing weather kept all sailboats moving at a brisk clip for the around-the-buoys regatta on Thursday, March 8. Skies were mostly cloudy with winds 10 to 15 knots out of the northwest, and low tidal variation made for light currents.

The evening was […]

Sailing | Training

Sailing Season

Don Charles and Jim Dahl trim the sails on Serenity. Photo by Charles Haberbush

The first Thursday nice sail on May 1 began with a stiff northerly breeze that petered out just as boats were crossing the starting line. Although none were able to complete the first race within the alloted time, six boats […]


Sailing Program Update

This “A” buoy, established near the south end of the airport, is the northernmost mark on our sailing course. Sailors need to be aware that although there is plenty of room, water shoals rapidly on the Gravina side of the buoy.

Thursday, May 1, is the first KYC sail; “B” fleet start is at […]

Sailing | Training

Learn to Sail
Next sailing meeting Thursday, April 24 at 7 p.m.

The response to our announcement of a sailing program has been everything we hoped for–10 boats have been entered, and several folks have inquired about being crew members. Several of these folks have requested more basic training on sailboats and sailing.

There is plenty of information on the web for the neophyte and the accomplished […]

Safety | Sailing | Training

Learn to Crew
…and talk like a sailor too.

Gennaker for S/V Camai, laid out and ready to measure. Photo by Jim Dahl

The next meeting of sailors and crew will be Thursday (tomorrow) evening at the Ketchikan Yacht Club at 7:00 p.m. The focus will be getting sailors and crews together, and to share information about the sailing program.

Anyone who is […]

Sailing | Training

Sailors Prepare for Summer Season
Next sailors meeting: Thursday, April 10

Sail Fleet Captain Jim Dahl demonstrates proper race attire and safety gear while addressing a sailor’s meeting

If early participation is any indication, the KYC Thursday evening sailing program appears to be on the road to success.

“This is awesome,” said Sailing Fleet Captain Jim Dahl during the sail-measuring session on Saturday, “Nine people […]

Sailing | Training

Spring has Sprung

Spring perennials make an appearance on the dock.

March 20, the first day of spring, was heralded by the appearance the first perennial buds in the dock planter boxes.

Around Thomas Basin:

Work on the Stedman Street sidewalk extension is progressing. We’re all watching to see when we might get our parking back. The […]

Sailing | Training

Prepare Now for 2014 Sailing Season

S/V Ariel, beats to windward

Missed the radio show? Listen here to the Maria Dudzak’s interview with Sailing Fleet Captain Jim Dahl and Rear Commodore Judith McQuerry regarding the upcoming sailing program. This interview aired on KRBD Radio on Monday March 10, 2014 at 8:15 a.m.:

Click this link to listen Jim Dahl and […]

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