The KYC Clubhouse in Thomas Basin

One of the benefits of membership is use of the KYC clubhouse which includes a kitchen (not commercial), dining tables and chairs, television, telephone, restrooms, shower and laundry washer/dryer. The clubhouse is also available to transient moorage guests.  Impromptu potlucks have been known to happen on rainy summer days when a lot of folks are in port waiting for better weather.

The clubhouse is available for club members unless it has been reserved. The club steward manages the clubhouse including scheduling of various groups and events, and verifying that the facility has been properly cleaned after an event. The steward is appointed by the Commodore each year.

Clubhouse use is addressed in the KYC Bylaws, section VIII:

1. MEMBER USE. Members of the Ketchikan Yacht Club may use the clubhouse for social  functions, such as parties or receptions, free of charge.  Others will be charged a fee as set annually by the board of Trustees.  Policies regarding the use of the Clubhouse will be established by the Board of Trustees.

2. ARRANGEMENTS FOR  USE. The Club Steward, unless otherwise designated, shall manage the use of the clubhouse.  All activities shall be scheduled through this person.

3. PAYMENT FOR USE. All payments for use of the clubhouse shall be made in advance to the Secretary/Treasurer or deposited in the clubhouse mail slot for that purpose at the time of the meeting.

Generally, the above has been interpreted to mean that if a member wants to hold a birthday party, for example, that use is free.  If, however, the member is part of another established organization such as a Rotary Club or a political party, and wants to hold a function at the clubhouse, then that organization is required to rent the clubhouse at the established rate.

The club steward maintains a calendar in the hall of the facility, opposite the kitchen, where members can reserve the clubhouse, and where others can check to see when the facility is available.  That calendar is reflected on this website, but in the event of a conflict, the calendar in the clubhouse is the final authority on clubhouse reservations.