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The Ketchikan Yacht Club (KYC) is a domestic non-profit corporation, registered and licensed to do business in the State of Alaska. The Ketchikan Yacht Club blog is an information service for members and guests, and a public advertisement for the Ketchikan Yacht Club.

Boating and navigation information in this blog is published in good faith based on the best information available including local knowledge, but is not intended to replace authoritive sources. Mariners are cautioned to use all authoritive sources when planning trips or operating a boat.

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Learn to Crew
…and talk like a sailor too.


Gennaker for S/V Camai, laid out and ready to measure. Photo by Jim Dahl

The next meeting of sailors and crew will be Thursday (tomorrow) evening at the Ketchikan Yacht Club at 7:00 p.m.  The focus will be getting sailors and crews together, and to share information about the sailing program.

Anyone who is interested in the sailing program is welcome to attend–this is an opportunity to connect with other sailors.

The meeting will feature a crewing instructional video from North Sails, plus a program on “sailing language and nautical communication.”

For more #@*&! information:
Jim Dahl, KYC Sail Fleet Captain
land line:  247-2182
airline: 206-491-6238

Sailing | Training

Sailors Prepare for Summer Season
Next sailors meeting: Thursday, April 10


Sail Fleet Captain Jim Dahl demonstrates proper race attire and safety gear while addressing a sailor’s meeting

If early participation is any indication, the KYC Thursday evening sailing program appears to be on the road to success.

“This is awesome,” said Sailing Fleet Captain Jim Dahl during the sail-measuring session on Saturday, “Nine people have signed up so far.” Nine boats were represented at the sail-measuring, a step in obtaining a PHRF handicap rating from PHRF-NW in Seattle. That’s enough to make a fun sailing event.

Dahl also reports, “Good news from the USCG regarding our Sailing Program on Thursday nites. I applied for a Marine Event Permit if required. The USCG has responded by letter. We are clear to go and no event permit is required. I will keep letter on file for the future.”

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Waggoner Flotilla Welcome

Each year five to six hundred boats travel the inside passage to Alaska.  We see only a few cruisers at the Ketchikan Yacht Club–in fact many of them don’t even know there is a yacht club here.  As a result, these folks only stop for a brief time in Ketchikan, then move on to “more interesting” places.  But this year we could make a difference…

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Club Business |

April 1 Membership Meeting


Judith McQuerry inspects the new BBQ grill that she donated to KYC.

UPDATE: The April 1 membership meeting was well attended.

We can also try out the new grill that Rear Commodore Judith donated to KYC — a purchase she made at the First City Council on Cancer auction a couple of weeks ago.  This replaces our well-used and rusted out grill that served us for the past several years.

Thanks Judith!


Cruising | Maintenance | Navigation

Build Your Own Ship’s Log

A ship’s log adds to your boating experience in a number of ways. The logbook can serve as a navigation log, maintenance log, weather log, guest log, incident log, and a written narrative to record the day’s highlights for reading or reference at some future date.

The ship’s logbook is also a legal document in a court of law if you can testify that it is kept up on a timely basis, and entries are not erased or changed after the time they are made. A well-kept log is your best friend if you end up in a legal battle based on your boat operation or activities. Read more…

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Tsunami Preparedness Week – 3/23-29
Tsunami Warning System to be Tested March 27

1964March 27, 2014, marks the 50th anniversary of the 1964 Great Alaska Earthquake and Tsunamis. Those of us who were around to feel it on that day remember exactly where we were and what we were doing when the ground started shaking.

Speaking of preparedness, this week’s USCG Notams include this:

A test of the Alaska Tsunami Warning System will be conducted as a part of Tsunami Preparedness Week in Alaska. The test will occur on Thursday, March 27th, at approximately 10:15 Alaska Time. The test will be broadcast on radio and television stations statewide, and the broadcast will state that it is only a test. Read more…

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Spring has Sprung


Spring perennials make an appearance on the dock.

March 20, the first day of spring, was heralded by the appearance the first perennial buds in the dock planter boxes.

Around Thomas Basin:

  • Work on the Stedman Street sidewalk extension is progressing. We’re all watching to see when we might get our parking back.
  • The logging show has been moved back from the seawall, and Thomas Basin is filled with the sound of heavy equipment landscaping the area.
  • Allen Marine has their first tour boat in place, in preparation for the tour season.
S/V Ariel

S/V Ariel


The sailing season is rapidly approaching.

For those skippers preparing to participate in the summer sailing program, the first meeting will be Tuesday evening, March 25, at 7 PM. The initial paperwork will also be due on that day.

If you have any questions contact sailing fleet Captain Jim Dahl, email or phone 206-491-6238 for answers.


George “Jerry” Gucker 1929-2014

      From the Anchorage Daily News:

George (Jerry) L. Gucker, lifelong Alaskan and retired Alaska District Court Judge and U.S. District Court Magistrate, died peacefully Sunday morning at his daughter Rena’s home on March 16, 2014 after a long fought battle with leukemia. He was 84.

Jerry Gucker was a long-time KYC member, most recently residing at Meyers Chuck.  His boat is the Tollycraft 40, “Mytime” presently moored at the KYC dock. Jerry was best known around the club for his gruff wit. Our condolences go out to the Gucker family.

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What’s this “Restricted Area”?

West Behm Canal showing restricted areas

Chart 17422: West Behm Canal showing restricted areas

A recent question from some local boaters prompts this clarification for mariners venturing into west Behm Canal, just north of Ketchikan:

Submarines and other military vessels rely on stealth to complete their missions, including quiet systems and running gear. The Southeast Alaska Acoustic Measurement Facility (SEAFAC) in western Behm Canal is situated in an ideal environment for this kind of acoustic research.  The restricted area surrounding this facility keeps interference between this mission and civilian maritime traffic at a minimum. So what does this restricted area mean for the average pleasure boater?

Looking at NOAA Chart 17422, we see a bunch of magenta lines with a rather intimidating label, “RESTRICTED AREA 334.1275” referring us to “NOTE Aon the chart which reads:  Read more…

Sailing | Training

Prepare Now for 2014 Sailing Season

S/V Ariel, beats to windward

S/V Ariel, beats to windward

Missed the radio show? Listen here to the Maria Dudzak’s interview with Sailing Fleet Captain Jim Dahl and Rear Commodore Judith McQuerry regarding the upcoming sailing program. This interview aired on KRBD Radio on Monday March 10, 2014 at 8:15 a.m.:

Click this link to listen Jim Dahl and Judith McQuerry speak about the 2014 sailing program on KRBD Radio

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  • Forecast for Tonight and Wednesday. - Dixon Entrance East February 21, 2018
    Wind light increasing to northwest 10 to 20 knots near midnight. Wind northerly 10 to 20 Wednesday. Chance of flurries or showers overnight and Wednesday morning. Issued 04:00 PM PST 20 February 2018
    Environment Canada

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