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The Ketchikan Yacht Club (KYC) is a domestic non-profit corporation, registered and licensed to do business in the State of Alaska. The Ketchikan Yacht Club blog is an information service for members and guests, and a public advertisement for the Ketchikan Yacht Club.

Boating and navigation information in this blog is published in good faith based on the best information available including local knowledge, but is not intended to replace authoritive sources. Mariners are cautioned to use all authoritive sources when planning trips or operating a boat.

The Ketchikan Yacht Club is organized as a social and recreation club under section 501(C)(7) of the U.S. Tax Code; contributions are not tax deductible.

Steak Night

Steak Night Success

About 25 people showed up for steak night Friday.  As usual it was a big success (how could it not be.)

So here’s a quick thanks to our hosts, Judith and Sam McQuerry for all their effort. Read more…

Steak Night

Steak Night Friday!

It’s steak night this Friday!

The third Friday of every month from September through May, club members and guests gather at the KYC Clubhouse to grill a steak. Folks start arriving about 5:00 p.m., and by 6:00 everyone has a steak on the grill. This month’s hosts are Judith and Sam McQuerry.

Steak nights were started by member Teka Lamade in 2008 or 2009, and have been a KYC tradition ever since.  Summer is a time for recreational boating; winter is time for social events like this!

We hope to see you here.

Weather | Website/Blog

Rain, Rain.

It’s hard to believe that only a week ago we were having a spectacular Indian summer.  Now fall has arrived with a vengeance.

This is a good day to spend in the clubhouse working on the KYC web page–and incentive to complete the KYC weather page.  For those of you who are following development of this site, we just can’t fit all of the weather info and links on the front page, so we’ll put up a few of the most popular ones, and move everything else to a separate weather page.

There is no shortage of weather information out there, and it varies from one service to another.  There’s even a website out there that compares the accuracy of the different forecasting services.   Read more…


Under Construction


Established in 1933, the Ketchikan Yacht Club serves the mariners of southern SE Alaska with a floating clubhouse, berthing for vessels to 47′, and a good helping of Alaskan friendliness.

KYC exists to help our members and guests learn about, respect, enjoy and share our great maritime resources here in the area. We encourage our members to browse all these pages, to learn more about the group, it’s activities, and how they can participate in the activities of the club.

Active club members are what keeps this club going, and we have a great group. To our guests visiting these pages, we have tried to provide a resource that will benefit all boaters in the area, and hopefully make your visit enjoyable to both these pages and our area.

Please stay tuned while we build our new blog and website.


Catch of the Day

Jerry & Tamela Cegelske at their wedding reception, KYC, summer

Jerry Cegelske is probably the best fisherman among KYC members, at least this summer he was. He not only caught a lot of fish, he caught a bride, too! What a guy! Newlyweds Jerry and Tamela Cegelske held their wedding reception in the KYC clubhouse on a beautiful summer day, with locals and KYC members attending the wonderful celebration. The bride was beautiful, of course, and the groom was a really happy guy! Oh, and Jerry actually did do some conventional fishing, with his sons, netting some nice salmon and halibut, as he often does.

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  • Forecast for Tonight and Wednesday. - Dixon Entrance East February 21, 2018
    Wind light increasing to northwest 10 to 20 knots near midnight. Wind northerly 10 to 20 Wednesday. Chance of flurries or showers overnight and Wednesday morning. Issued 04:00 PM PST 20 February 2018
    Environment Canada

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