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Gravina to Port race

Hello Sailors!

The Gravina to Port Race will be going on this Saturday, June 20th. This is an exciting, all day race where we circumnavigate Gravina that takes around 12 hours.

Starting Time will be 08:00 with an UPWIND start. Start and end buoy is WR6. GPS time will be recorded for finish stats.

All sailboats are welcome to attend. I know that some of you have sailboats not really suited for our Thursday night sprints but would REALLY shine with a long marathon- and besides, who needs a little bit more of a reason to enjoy a nice long sail AROUND “NOWHERE”!!

Here’s hoping we can have a spinnaker run that lasts 6 hours!

Please RSVP to me privately–

Thank you ,
Mackenzie Dahl.

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Photo Finish for Second?

Race for Second

Click image to view current racer positions online

As of this writing team Por Favor is in second place, just coming into Dixon Entrance.  It looks like they have had a favorable wind shift and are able to sail to weather without short-tacking as they have been doing for the better part of two days now.

But Team MOB Mentality is  right on their heels with only about 30 miles between them, and sailing a knot faster on what looks to be the same point of sail.

It looks like the race for second place may be close–it won’t be over until it’s over.

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The R2AK Winner is in!


Elsie Piddock enters Thomas Basin (KPU Webcam photo)

S/V Elsie Piddock has arrived in Ketchikan today (6/12/15) about 12:58 Alaska time and were greeted by a small crowd of enthusiastic onlookers at the Fish House dock. These guys earned their win–they pushed on 24 hours a day with only one stop to wait for tides; they endured days of bashing to windward in rough water. They had some good breaks in the way of wind and tides, but were only able to capitalize on them because of their great effort.

There are still many boats behind them, each having their own adventure, but there’s no doubt about it–these guys earned their win. Congratulations to the crew of the Elsie Piddock.


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The Race is ON!

Team Elsie Piddock

Team Elsie Piddock, F25c (from r2ak website)

by Roger Maynard

I have to admit, when I first heard of the race to Alaska in non-powered watercraft, I had some mixed feelings. It seemed an invitation for under-prepared folks in less-than-seaworthy craft to tackle a coastal voyage that can be downright dangerous to the unprepared when the weather turns raunchy.

But difficulties that come with this coast are also its attraction.  Depending on the caliber of the competition, the race could turn into a yearly event that attracts the most skilled seafarers to the Inside Passage to Alaska–sort of an “Iditarod” of northwest coast boating. Read more…

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This Week at your Yacht Club

Hello Yacht Club Members,

It looks like we’ve had a change in the weather!

Might have some rain for today’s Thursday night race but the forecast is for it to clear up and be partly sunny for tomorrow night’s Hamburger night.

And it’s not looking too bad for the last weekend of the Salmon Derby.The current leader is Duseigneur Paolo at 40.30 Lbs (Also at the top of the youth prize ladder! You’re not going to let a kid beat you are you?) At a quick glance it looks like the current Yacht Club leader (a $500 prize) is Jerry Cegelske with a 28.30 Lb he weighed in at Bar Harbor. There are still two days of fishing left to catch the winner! Good Luck!

In the sailing world we continue to add boats to the Thursday night races….And on Saturday, June 20th is the “Gravina to Port” Race….

Mark your calendars for the next big event…On Sunday, June 21st in the afternoon (exact time to come soon) we’ll be having a great party at the club.

The IPBA (no..not the international pro bowlers association…Something to do with power boats!) will be joining us, The party for the Race around Gravina (the day before), Father’s Day, the Summer Solstice and the ‘Race2AK’ people should be here (at least some of them!)….All a great excuse to celebrate! The event will be catered by Garcia’s Galley and Dave and Chazz will be back to provide music. Guaranteed to be a fantastic event!

More details on these events soon!

See you at the club!

Charley Starr
Rear Commodore

Sailing |

KYC Sailing Update

Hello All, Great sailing weather.. we are off to a slow but Great start.

This week we will try to set and actual starting line. Charley Starr has accepted the challenge of setting the pennant. A Red and White float with a streamer anchored towards shore no more than 100 feet from the WR-6 starting buoy.

So, some points.. be on time.. the challenge is that the start time on the first event is at 18:00 and the flying sail boats start at 18:10 GPS Time. For those that score… it is elapse time from your assigned GPS Start.

The second event if you wish to proceed is the next even 5 minute on the GPS Clock… Read more…

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This week at KYC 5/19/15

Hello Yacht Club Members

What a beautiful weekend, I hope you had a chance to get out on the water!

We had a great turnout and fantastic weather for the last steak night. If you weren’t there you missed a good one! The weather is looking pretty good for the long weekend coming up so make plans to get out and enjoy it!.

This week we have the Thursday night sailing, 6pm start at “WR6”.

Big day on Friday with the opening day / 1st hamburger night at 5:30.

See you at the club!

Charley Starr
Rear Commodore

Sailing | Training

Racing Update

Hello KYC Members, and SAILORS

We have 10 Sailing vessels registered to be a part of our 2015 Summer Sailing Program.

We have one donor boat, thanks to Captain Al Rockwood. Those wishing to be qualified and a skipper need to make contact with me. If you want to sail….here is a great opportunity. Thank you, Al for your generous support.

Thursday evening is scheduled to be a sunny and great 2nd week of KYC Sailing. One boat started last. Unfortunately ONE BOAT does not make a race.. but it did START THE SEASON.

We are planning to launch 4 sailors at the Madison dock lift on Wednesday afternoon between 4-6 pm. So, sailing as a fleet will begin on Thursday Evening crossing the line in some direction (depends on wind) at exactly 18:00 for the “B” boats and 18:10 for the “A” Boats. ( Please visit the web site: and click sailing.) The instructions for sailing are clearly posted for all to review.

After sailing, meet up for a social at the Club house. BYOB and Pizza or other potluck items.

Another note: The prior set of north buoy “A” was a failure due to the big storm.. the link failed and we lost the buoy. A new set is planned to be in place by Tuesday. The north “A” is set off of East Clump out of the channel in about 30 to 40 feet of water. It will be located about 150 yards north of East Clump as a WHITE MARK “A” . All Marks are taken to PORT..

If anyone has any questions or concerns, contact: Jim Dahl Sail Fleet Captain 247-2182.. or cell 206-491-6238.

See you on the water… sailors and spectators.

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This week at KYC (5/12/15)

Hello Yacht Club Members!

It’s looking like this week will bring some great weather to our fair city!

I’m looking forward to Thursday at 6 for the start of this weeks sailboat race. Should be a beautiful evening for sailing.

Also this week is the last steak night of the season, hosted by Judith and Sam McQuerry, and with a forecast of sunny and upper 60’s for friday, it sounds like the last Friday Steak Night of the season should be great!

So get your RSVP (respond to this email) in for the steak night and join us for sailing on Thursday.

A big thank you to all the members that helped clean up the club last Saturday. Following the breakfast prepared by Mike & Mike, the work party was a big success!

The following week we kick off the summer with our opening day / 1st hamburger night on Friday 5/22.

See you at the club!
Charley Starr
Rear Commodore

Hamburger Night | Maintenance | Steak Night

Upcoming Activities

Hello Yacht Club members!

Join us today (Saturday) at the Yacht Club for breakfast at 9am followed by a few easy jobs around the clubhouse. (mostly just cleaning)

Also, starting at 10am you can have the Coast Guard check your boat so you know you’re ready for the season.

Next Friday, May 15th will be the final steak night of the spring…It’s time to get in your RSVP so we can buy enough steaks. (just reply to this email)

And….the following Friday, May 22nd is our Opening Day/ 1st Hamburger night. We’ll be starting at 5:30 with a cocktail party (BYOB) and the famous Dave Ruben playing some music for us followed by Hamburger Night!

Summer is here!

See you at the club!
Charley Starr
Rear Commodore

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