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Club Business |

September KYC Meeting Tuesday
Note: Corrected times…

From the Commodore:

We begin monthly membership meetings again on Tuesday, September 2 at 7:00.

There are a couple of new membership applications that need action and we will have the new moorage agreement as the main item of discussion in order to answer any questions that are out there.  As you have probably noticed almost all of the new agreement comes right out of the by-laws, but some questions have arisen so bring yours to the discussion.

See you Tuesday.  The potluck should be ready around 6:00.


Sailing | Training

To the Folks on the Crew List

Addie, Katie, Anna & Peter racing Sweet Charlotte, an 18-foot Cape Dory Typhoon.

Addie, Katie, Anna & Peter racing Sweet Charlotte, an 18-foot Cape Dory Typhoon.

When the Ketchikan Yacht Club resurrected the sailing program this summer, the interest and participation was everything we had hoped for.  Eleven captains signed up at the beginning of the season, and a couple more showed up later in the season.

As for crewing volunteers, folks just kept coming. In the beginning, 10 folks signed up on the crew list.  After the first pre-season sailors meeting, 7 more names were added to the list.  During the season the list grew to over 35 names–nearly every week more folks were added.

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Sailing | Training

Two Sheets to the Wind

Sailing in Tongass Narrows

Sailing in Tongass Narrows

by Jason Baldwin

Truth be told I’ve never been too interested in the life of a Mariner. Well, up until I cranked a sheet line winch in a tack battle North of Pennock Island.

I might be shooting myself in the foot on this one, but for me the best kept secret in Ketchikan is the Thursday night Yacht Club races out of Thomas Basin. Each week a team of fun loving boat owners gather out in the narrows to test merits and battle for bragging rights. At 6:00 the time trial starts as the boats skirt past cruise ships and into the sweet salt water of the Tongass Narrows.

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Sailing |

It’s Thursday, sailors!

scoundrelFrom the sailing fleet captain:
Hello all,

For sure one start tomarrow nite.

We will have a pot luck after at the Club house.
I have ordered a cake and will bring Ice Cream.. so go easy on the desert part of the pot luck.

Been a great season, hoping it will be dry. Louie and I are pulling boats at 9 am at Bar Harbor..
If you want to see a photo opportunity.. come and click.

Bring the family, we will wrap the season. see you there.


Sailing |


This evening will be another Thursday sailing event–Weather is forecast to be 10 knots, and becoming calm late (probably around sunset.)

There are two more Thursday evening sails this summer, including tonight.  See you there!

Fishing & Hunting | People

Look at the Lips on THAT Baby…

yelloweyeJim Eakes displays the catch of the day. (Jim is the one on the left…)

Destinations | Fishing & Hunting | Navigation | People

Carroll Inlet Destinations

Marvin Davis displays an 8-inch Dungeness Crab from upper Carroll Inlet

Marvin Davis displays an 8-inch Dungeness Crab from upper Carroll Inlet

Marvin Lani Davis enjoyed a brief visit from their daughter Mandy, her husband Kevin and the two grandchildren over the Blueberry Festival weekend. While here, the whole family took a couple of days to visit Carroll Inlet destinations, spending the night at the Swan Lake dock facility and power plant, about 30 miles or so from Thomas Basin.  Read more…

Sailing |

Thursday Sailing Update

spiritncamaiHello Sailors,

Welcome to Sweet Charlotte — a visiting boat sailed by the Strait Family.  It’s a Cape Dory Typhoon donated to our club members to have fun on Thursday night… I have assigned a temporary handicap of 318 for measuring purposes.

Also “Charis” now has an official rating from PHRF-NW of 195.

Just a note, that to try to be on time for the first start at 18:00 and if you are not going to start on the second start, please declare your intention and call the Sail Fleet Captain boat Ariel.  They are monitoring on Ch69.   Light is getting shorter and the wind is dying faster so the quicker we can get the second start the better.

Look for the red balloons.  Hope to see you all there.. season is running short. Pot luck at the Clubhouse after…Good sailing!

Jim Dahl,
KYC Sailing Fleet Captain

People |

Whale’s Tail

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda receives donated photograph from Barbara Greninger

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda receives donated photograph from Barbara Greninger

Photographer and KYC Member Barbara Greninger donated her photograph of a whale’s tail to the Ketchikan Yacht Club for display in the clubhouse, at the Friday, August 8th hamburger feed.

The photo was taken out at Clover Pass, Ketchikan, Alaska September of 2011 and published in the Sit News Oct 1 & 3 2011. Sit News called it “A Whale of a Tail” and that it is! I do hope you all get much enjoyment out of seeing it in your club. Barbara is married to Tom of the Coast Guard Auxiliary .. they ones that do your vessel inspections.. did you get yours this year?

For those of you that might like a copy of this photo, it is for sale either directly through Barbara or Rain Barrel gift shop in Ketchikan. Also a little bit of information .. Barbara took BOTH 1st & 3rd place in the Bear Festival photography contest in Wrangell this year!

Safety | Sailing |

Sailing Program Update for Aug 7

From Sail Fleet Captain Jim Dahl:

Hello Sailors,

I have been alerted to a weather warning regarding “Thunder Storms” Predicted in Ketchikan Area. The winds are predicted at 10 to 15 and rain showers. The danger of thunder storms is possible lightning. I have been asked to alert Sailors.

I have had one boat skipper who is concerned for safety and will not sail tonight. I personally, do not like to sail and get wet. We will still have a pot luck at the KYC Club House. We also could show a video on sail trim and spinnaker handling.

All skippers are responsible for their own decision as to if they will sail. Any skipper responses are appreciated… maybe we can move up the potluck to an earlier time.

Jim Dahl
Sail Fleet Captain

EDITOR’s note: So far, six skippers have opted out, and the suggested potluck time is 1800 hours (6 p.m.)

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    Wind light except northeasterly outflow 15 knots near Portland Inlet. Wind becoming easterly 5 to 15 near noon then backing to northerly 5 to 15 late this evening. Wind northerly 5 to 15 Tuesday. Chance of showers or flurries today and early this evening. Temperatures near plus 1. Issued 04:00 AM PST 19 February 2018
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