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Roger Maynard

The Ketchikan Yacht Club (KYC) is a domestic non-profit corporation, registered and licensed to do business in the State of Alaska. The Ketchikan Yacht Club blog is an information service for members and guests, and a public advertisement for the Ketchikan Yacht Club.

Boating and navigation information in this blog is published in good faith based on the best information available including local knowledge, but is not intended to replace authoritive sources. Mariners are cautioned to use all authoritive sources when planning trips or operating a boat.

The Ketchikan Yacht Club is organized as a social and recreation club under section 501(C)(7) of the U.S. Tax Code; contributions are not tax deductible.

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Public Meeting Notice:

The next step in the Thomas Basin Promenade will be the section behind the Salvation Army building (by the KYC Clubhouse.) The project is in the 65% design phase, and a public meeting to discuss the project will be held Thursday evening at 5:30 p.m. It probably wouldn’t hurt to have some KYC members there to keep an eye on things…


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Welcome to AK, Waggoner Flotilla #2

It’s time to welcome another Waggoner’s flotilla to Alaska! The second group, led by Kevin Monahan and Sam Landsman, expects to cross the border into Alaska Wednesday, June 18th, and they have been invited to our regular hamburger night on Friday. Like the last group, let’s show ’em a good time!

We received rave reviews from the Wagner Flotilla that we welcomed to Alaska a couple of weeks ago. Here is a short video that summarizes their trip:

(source: three@sea voyage blog,, used with permission.)

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Welcome, New Members

At the 5/28/14 Trustees meeting, 6 new member applications were provisionally approved by the Trustees.  All provisional approvals were confirmed the following week at a member meeting called during the Friday evening hamburger feed.

Welcome aboard the following new members:

  • John Hill (sponsored by Tom Thompson)
  • Michael Clinkscales (sponsored by Larry Pullin)
  • Tom and Barbaro Greninger (sponsored by Roger Maynard)
  • Glyn Seaberg and Berthilia (Liesbeth) Peeters (sponsored by Jim Dahl)
  • Charles and Carol Worst (sponsored by Jack Hovden

Members, click here to view the updated membership list (password required).

Fishing & Hunting

Catch of the Day

Barb and Marvin with the catch of the day

Barb and Marvin with Friday’s catch of the day. Photo by Lani Davis

Friday evening was too good to stay at the dock, so the Maynards and the Davis’s headed down to Herring Cove for the evening bite. When the reel started singing, Marvin handed the pole to Barb…

Here are all the fishing secrets I have been authorized to release:


SIZE: “This big” (hold hands far apart)
LOCATION: “Can’t say” (but it looks like Herring Cove)
DEPTH: “Pretty far down”
TACKLE: “Rod and reel with some things attached to the far end of the line”
TIME OF DAY: “Pretty late”
TIDE: “Up and down.”

Club Business

Trustees Meeting June 25th
Wifi, moorage issues to be discussed

From the Secretary

From the Secretary


The last Trustee’s Meeting on May 28, 2014 had two issues that the KYC membership needs to be aware of.

  • The first issue concerns the KYC internet usage and the request to develop a usage policy for users that addresses limits on downloading.
  • The second issue is a request to review and clarify the KYC float policy and to develop a more detailed moorage agreement detailing what is expected of a moorage slip holder.

These issues have been tabled until the next June 25th Trustee’s Meeting to allow for research, review, and discussion. Please take a moment to talk with a Trustee about these issues and express your opinion.

KYC members are always welcome to attend the Trustees Meetings which are held at 5:30 pm on the last Wednesday of each month.

Laura Murph, Secretary

Fishing & Hunting

King Salmon Derby

This weekend is the last weekend of the Ketchikan King Salmon Derby. The three-weekend event ends tomorrow evening. Just a reminder to members–a $500 prize goes to the KYC member with the largest fish!

Click here to view the King Salmon Derby website.

Fishing & Hunting

First Fishing Trip was Eventful…
by Bill Tatsuda

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda

KYC Treasurer Bill Tatsuda

Tonight was the first fishing trip of the year on my boat.

Wayne Jackson and I left the dock around 5pm and ran out to Mountain Point. We started fishing close to the Mountain Point light. Around 6pm half way between Mountain point and Hole In The Wall we watched a Lund Skiff playing a fish. They were having to use a gaff hook to land the fish.

As we passed them we heard a splashing sound and looked behind my boat where we saw a king salmon swimming sideways across our stern on the surface. We realized that he was on our line, so we stopped the boat and pulled in about a 22 lb king salmon. We are both half deaf so we did not here the clicker on the reel going off. It is a good thing my release clips are good at setting the hooks into the fish.

Around 7pm we caught another king around 16 lbs. I think we might have heard the reel going on that fish.  Read more…

Hamburger Night

Hamburger Friday


Friday, June 6, 2014
Is Friday Hamburger Night
At the Ketchikan Yacht Club
Hosted by Judith & Sam McQuerry.
The grill will be ready to go at 6:00 pm
Please come
And bring something to share.
See you there!


Jerry Gucker Memorial Service

Jerry Gucker

A memorial Mass for Jerry Gucker will be held June 14, 2014 at 11 a.m., at Holy Name Catholic Church in Ketchikan. There will be a reception to follow in Holy Name Parish Hall at noon.

Jerry Gucker was a long-time KYC member, most recently residing at Meyers Chuck. His boat is the Tollycraft 40, “Mytime” presently moored at the KYC dock. Jerry was best known around the club for his gruff wit.

Click here to read more about Jerry Gucker in the Anchorage Daily News.

Safety | Sailing

Thursday Sailing Program ALERT

flag_portcaptainFrom the sailing fleet captain:

I will again to set the start line mark. a red balloon towards Oceanview Restaurant. It will have an orange tassel.

Also, be aware that a less-than-knowledgeable mariner has chosen to use the “A” mark as a mooring buoy. IF IT IS STILL THERE AT RACE TIME, PLEASE SAIL WELL CLEAR AROUND THIS OBSTRUCTION. THIS IS GOOD PRACTICE. (If you do not feel comfortable doing this, than do not try to make this maneuver.)

I have contacted the US Coast Guard for assistance to remove this vessel as a safety hazard.

Jim Dahl
Sail Fleet Captn

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