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Welcome to Alaska!

Our BBQ grill gets a workout!

Our BBQ grill gets a workout!

As far as parties go, our welcome for the Waggoners Flotilla probably set a KYC record. About 35 KYC members showed up to welcome 25 cruisers to Alaska. The weight of 60-plus people had the clubhouse floating a full five inches lower in the water! Fortunately, the weather was warm, so there was plenty of room to mingle in the clubhouse and on the docks.

The celebration started with a short introduction by Commodore Tom Schulz, and each boat captain was presented with a “welcome” bag from the Visitors Bureau with information about Ketchikan and Alaska.

The commodore also exchanged yacht club burgees with Commodore Mary Marler of Eagle Harbor Yacht Club on Bainbridge Island.

The grill, usually more than adequate for hamburger night, was not quite enough to handle the crowd this time–some folks had to wait in line to grill their burgers (–something to consider for future large crowds.) Nevertheless, we didn’t hear any complaints from our guests–everyone was happy to have such hospitality at the end of the first leg of their journey.

Blackboard sign-in

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All members of the Waggoners group reported a good trip from Puget Sound to Ketchikan, with excellent weather and no mishaps along the way. After the dinner, the Waggoners cruisers presented some thank you gifts to Mark Bunzell, leader of the cruise, and thanked the KYC crew for their hospitality with a round of applause. Mr. Bunzell reports that the end-of-cruise party was the perfect celebration of the long trip from Puget Sound to Ketchikan. When asked what we (KYC) could do better, he said “I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Of course, Ketchikan is not the end of the journey–there’s still a lot to see, and then there is the southbound trip to Puget Sound. We wish the best of luck to our new friends, and hope to to see them on the rebound…and on future cruises to Southeast Alaska.

So, from the Ketchikan Yacht Club to the cruisers in the Waggoners group: Welcome to Alaska!

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“Welcome to Alaska” Potluck
Wednesday evening, 6:00 p.m., KYC Clubhouse

Avid readers of this website will recall that back in January I spoke with Mark Bunzell, publisher of the Waggoner Cruising Guide–a major resource for boaters traveling from Puget Sound to Alaska. He mentioned that this year the Waggoner folks are leading three flotillas of cruisers to Alaska.

When presented with the idea, KYC trustees and members thought that a “Welcome to Alaska” hamburger night or potluck might be in order. After all, we want more cruisers to know that we’re the best place to park in Ketchikan, and sometimes the best advertising is “word of mouth.” Read more…

Club Business | Hamburger Night

Friday ‘Burgers & Special Meeting


From the Rear Commodore:

In addition to Hamburger night  Tomorrow, Friday 5-30-14, kindly hosted by Laura Murph and Bonnie Douglas, we will have a very brief membership meeting to vote on several applications for membership.

If you would please sign in when you arrive at the club house, we can be sure we have a quorum for the vote.

Judith McQuerry, Rear Commodore

Editor’s note: The grill is hot at 5:30 p.m.; the meeting will be called at 7 p.m. See you there!

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National Safe Boating Week, May 17-23

wearitBoating Safety Advocates Remind Boaters to ‘Wear It!’

During National Safe Boating Week, May 17-23
Life jacket wear is an effective and simple life-saving strategy for safe recreational boating

(Washington, D.C.) – Boating safety advocates across the U.S. and Canada are teaming up to promote safe and responsible boating, including consistent life jacket wear each and every time boaters are on the water, during National Safe Boating Week, held from May 17-23, 2014.

National Safe Boating Week is the official launch of the 2014 North American Safe Boating Campaign. This yearlong campaign promotes safe and responsible boating and the value of voluntary life jacket wear by recreational boaters through the national theme, Wear It! Read more…

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Waggoner Flotilla is on the way

25 happy cruisers ready to depart for Alaska

25 happy cruisers ready to depart for Alaska

Earlier this year, we committed to host a hamburger night upon the arrival of the Waggoner flotillas. The first of three flotillas is under way, just rounding Cape Caution in central B.C. They are on schedule, with an estimated arrival in Ketchikan of Friday, June 6th.


Club Business | Hamburger Night

Hamburger Season

From the rear commodore:

Just a reminder, EVERYONE is invited to host a hamburger night.

Thankfully, we have only four Friday nights not yet covered. July 4th, August 22,29  still need hosts.  Also, a few people have signed up for more than one hamburger night.  If you haven’t signed up, and this is the only Friday you have available, check with them and they very well may let you host instead.

Members who have slips on the KYC float REALLY REALLY ought to be hosting a Hamburger night! Thanks.

Judith, Rear Commodore

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Dock Flowers

Flowers brighten the KYC float

Flowers brighten the KYC float

This year the dock planters were the work of Cadette Girl Scout Troop 4071 including Nayomie Welty, Shaundra Rhodes-Bray and Karri Montero.

Scout Leader Sheila Miller and the three 12-year olds spend hours in the cold rain to plant marigolds and other flowers that brighten up the KYC dock this year.

If you see any of the scouts, be sure and thank them.

Now…if we can only keep the otters out…

Club Business

KYC Trustees Meeting
Date change to avoid conflict with sailing activities

The KYC Trustees meeting will be on Wednesday, May 28 at 5:30 p.m.  The change from Thursday to Wednesday was made to avoid a conflict with Thursday evening sailing activities.

Club Business

Fly Those Flags

KYC Rules require members to fly the burgee when in port during the summer boating season.

KYC Bylaws, Article IX, Paragraph 7:
Moorage includes a burgee, which will be flown from 
all Ketchikan Yacht Club vessels while in port 
between April 15 and September 15.

So, the rule is easy to follow–members with permanent KYC moorage get a free burgee each year just for asking, and they agree to fly it when in port.  There are still a few boats at the KYC dock that are not displaying their burgees– for those owners (you know who you are) it’s time to show the flag.

The burgee is properly flown on the starboard spreader of a sailboat, or from a staff on the bow or cabin top of a power boat–NOT from the stern, which is reserved for the U.S. flag or Yacht Ensign.

For more information on yacht flag etiquette, here is a simple summary:

Sailing |

Sailing Thursday


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Due to inclement weather (driving rain and no wind,) this evening’s sailing event has been cancelled. 

Instead, there will be a sailor’s meeting and potluck at the KYC Clubhouse starting at 6:00 p.m … See you there!

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