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Ketchikan Yacht Club Sailing Instructions Summer 2015

 Overview: The Ketchikan Yacht Club is sponsoring a weekly Thursday evening sailing event on Tongass Harbor with the starting line at Red Buoy WR-6.   The Club goal is to provide sailing and boat handling opportunities to club member-owned boats. The KYC desires to raise its profile in the community and increase membership by providing local sailors an opportunity to improve seamanship skills.


1.0  RULES

1.1 Races will be sailed under the 2013-2016 edition of The Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) of the International Sailing Association (ISAF) as adopted and amended by the US Sailing Association (US SAILING) and in accordance with any specific instructions for each race or event. These sailing instructions modify RRS regarding instructions that are specific to the Ketchikan Yacht Club Thursday evening sailing event.

1.2  Each boat racing shall have a rating issued by Ketchikan Yacht Club (KYC) assigned by membership in PHRF-NW using Performance Handicap Fleet (PHRF) handicaps and guidelines.  Each boat must declare their sails for the season, at entry, and will be so rated for the entire season. Changes during the season will only be allowed for new inventory that lowers the boat’s rating or for replacing a damaged sail. Use of sails not declared will result in a DSQ for the applicable race(s).

1.3  Unless otherwise indicated in the specific instructions for the event, races will be sailed using the modified time on time correction system.

1.4  A boat with a flying sail that does not wish to use it may elect to receive a non-flying-sail rating. Once the flying sail is used in a race, the boat will receive a flying sailing rating for the balance of the season.

1.5  It is each boat owner’s responsibility to insure that his/her boat is properly rated. 



3.1 Ketchikan Yacht Club, Sponsor of Thursday Night Buoy Series and scheduled declared Races covered in specific Racing Instructions

3.2 Ketchikan Yacht Club Sail Fleet Captain, is the KYC appointed Race Official.

3.3 PHRF-NW Regional Organization is handicapping authority.

3.4 US Sailing National Rules of Sailing Authority, Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS)

3.4.1 PIYA, Pacific International Yachting Association, West Coast Regional Racing authority for organized racing events under RRS.

3.5 Owner: A person who owns, leases, or otherwise has exclusive control of a vessel for a season or event through loan, lien, wager or otherwise.

3.6 Skipper: The person in immediate command of a vessel when it is underway.

3.7 Competitor: Any person, owner, skipper or crew who enters KYC race events. Entry implies acceptance of ISAF, US SAILING, PHRF-NW, and KYC policies with regard to the event and their conduct during said event.

3.8 “A” Fleet Boats with full flying head sails and full racing gear will be rated accordingly.

3.9 “B” Fleet Boats are boats flying only a jib and a main sail.



4.1  A boat is eligible to race if her owner is a member in good standing with the Ketchikan Yacht Club, US Sailing, PHRF-NW, registers her with KYC, and pays the appropriate entry fee.   Visiting boats and non-member boats are welcome to race under a provisional rating, if their skipper also registers with KYC and their owner pays the appropriate differential entry fee.   There are no single race fees for monthly fees.  See fees listed 5.0



5.1The Fee Schedule is: full season payable in full and in advance.

Ketchikan Yacht Club Member   $200 includes membership in US Sailing/PHRF-NW*

Non-KYC Member                       $550 per boat

Official affiliated visiting Yacht Club boats: No Charge for single race.  Fees are due to the KYC Treasurer before March 31.

* Membership in PHRF-NW allows for experienced, disinterested 3rd party assignment of a handicap on each racing vessel based on information provided.  The intent is to set the fee schedule to match actual KYC cost of program operations, including insurance.



6.1 To register, every skipper must read the KYC Sailing Instructions, certify by signing the Skipper Registration Form that they understand and agree to be bound by these instructions. Every member skipper of any vessel intending to race must have a signed registration form on file with the Fleet Captain before racing.

6.2    The owner of a vessel must fill out and sign a PHRF –NW   form for a KYC PHRF rating and pay the appropriate fee.

6.3   Possession of the 2013-2016 Racing Rules of Sailing is mandatory for all vessels racing.  This document will be provided with membership in US Sailing.



7.3   Postponement, shortening or abandonment of a race will be announced by hailing on radio. (Channel 69VHF)

7.4   For Thursday evening series races:  If a race starting sequence cannot begin by one hour after the scheduled time of 1800, the race will be abandoned.

7.5   Time limit for each Thursday evening race is 2 ½ hours. Any boat not finished in that amount of time will be scored as DNF.  A second race will not be started.



8.1 Boats with radios are asked to monitor VHF channels 16 and 69, hailing on 69 in preference to 16, hailing only at low power when in the harbor area and hailing only when necessary, and talking only on 69, if at all possible.

8.2   Communications from the Race Fleet Captain or Authority shall be by radio on channel 69.   Communications during a race are not encouraged, unless there is an emergency.



9.1 B” Fleet Boats: START  GPS 1800 hrs at mark WR-6  (bow crosses line between marks of start finish line)

9.2 “A” Fleet Boats:  START  GPS 18:10 hrs at mark WR-6

9.3  STARTING LINEWR-6 and temporary mark or agreed-to mark fixed on shore will be the starting line.

9.4 All boats already finished in a previous race and intending to start the next race, shall steer clear of the finish area until all competing boats have finished the preceding race.

9.5   A second race will be started if all boats have finished before 19:15.   The second race will start at the next 5 to 9 minute interval allowing the last finisher at least 5 minutes to prepare for the start.   Second Race “STARTS” will be at 5 minute clock intervals. (50, 55, 00, 10, 15, etc)  “A” Boats will 10 minutes after “B” Boats have started.

9.8   All starts will be to windward



10.1 All Starts will be to windward.  All marks to be rounded to Port.  Courses will not be

called out.  The wind direction will determine the first mark.  If at the starting time     there is no apparent wind, the start will be to the North.

10.2 North and Westerly Course.  Start line WR-6 to a temp buoy towards shore or a designated point on shore, then to Mark “A” (East Clump) taken to port, then to PR (green red Pennock Reef) to port, then to R-4 (Red off downtown dock) to port then back to WR-6. ( thru Start Finish Line)

10.3 South and Southeast Course.   Startline WR-6 to port, then to PR to port, then R-4 to port  (pass outside of start finish WR-6 to starboard) to Mark “A” to port then to finish at WR-6. (thru Start Finish Line)

10.4 Record elapsed time in 00hrs 00min 00sec when bow crosses start & finish line.



11.1 Engines may not be used during races, except as provided by RRS and as follows: Specifically, engines may be used to motor free of danger from grounding or by a  burdened vessel.   If it is necessary to use the engine, the boat competing must take its place behind the competitor next behind it in the race before the engine is turned off.   Necessary use of the engine must not be used to create a competitive advantage.

11.2  All engines must be turned off , except that a boat late for its start 5 minutes before the official start and may use the engine to reach the starting area, provided that the boat may not cross the starting line to start the race for 5 minutes after shutting off its engine.



12.1       If a boat infringes on Part 2 of RRS while racing, but does not cause serious damage or gain a significant advantage in the race by her breach, she may elect to exonerate herself by making a penalty turn as specified in RRS.  (one 360 degree turn in either direction and must stay well clear of all boats racing.)



14.1 Simple scoring will be done for the evening races and posted at the Yacht Club.  No series scoring will be kept. Record your times and bring elapsed times for scoring.



16.1 All boats shall be fitted out for sailing in Southeast Alaskan waters and shall carry safety equipment as required by U Sailing and the US Coast Guard.

16.2 RRS rule 43.1(b) regarding clothing does not apply to any KYC event.

16.3 In the event that another vessel sounds warning signals (5 or more blasts) during a race, all racing vessels shall first see to safety by ensuring that they are not in the path of danger and that the skipper of the vessels sounding the warning signals knows that each racing yacht is keeping clear. This means that racing vessels will alter course as necessary to proceed clearly and directly out of the path of danger or potential danger.

16.4 Competitors assume all risk of personal injury and property damage arising out of their participation in KYC sponsored events. The decision whether to start or to continue a race is exclusively the skipper’s, and KYC assumes no responsibility for any skipper’s decision.

16.5 A boat must not carry ground tackle outboard of the bow over the stem. This is mandatory. It is intended to lessen the possibility of serious damage or injury in the unlikely case of contact with another vessel.

16.6 All sailors are urged, strongly encouraged and enthusiastically reminded to wear effective personal flotation devices at all times while on deck or in the cockpit and all other safety gear (including harnesses and tethers) as appropriate.

16.7 Flying head sails are prohibited prior to the start, and during start sequence.



17.1 Sailing is an activity that has an inherent risk of damage and injury. Competitors in this event are participating entirely at their own risk. See RRS 4, Decision to Race. The race organizers (organizing authority, Race Committee, Protest Committee, host club, sponsors or any other organization or official) will not be responsible for damage to any boat or other property or the injury to any competitor, including death, sustained as a result of participation in this event. By participating in this event, each competitor agrees to release the race organizers from any and all liability associated with such competitor’s participation in this event to the fullest extent permitted by law.



18.1 Persons seeking exceptions must provide their request, in writing, to the KYC Race Fleet Captain at least 2 weeks prior to its requested date of approval. This does not prevent the KYC Race Fleet Captain from making an immediate decision if it is in the best interests of the KYC racing program that the modification takes place on the spot.


Rev: 03/11/2015