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ketchikan yacht club

Est. 1933 at 55°20.5'N, 131°38.7'W, in Thomas Basin, Ketchikan, AK

Welcome Aboard!

The Ketchikan Yacht Club was formed to encourage yachting, promote seamanship, and encourage the use of recreational advantages in Southeastern Alaska and particularly at Ketchikan, Alaska; and further, to provide and maintain a clubhouse for the recreation of its members, anchorage and other facilities for the use of its members and for such other fraternal, social and educational purposes as the club may engage in.

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WHY JOIN THE yacht club

The reasons for joining are as varied as the folks who belong. Some want to meet other boaters with similar interests, others want to learn more about boating, some are sailboat racers and others like the social life that the club offers. If you are a boat owner, or are interested in boats, KYC probably has something to offer.




The Ketchikan Yacht Club (KYC) is a domestic non-profit corporation, registered and licensed to do business in the State of Alaska. The Ketchikan Yacht Club blog is an information service for members and guests, and a public advertisement for the Ketchikan Yacht Club.


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PO Box 6694, Ketchikan, AK 99901

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